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Interning for Conan (w/ Jeff D’Silva)

Join Scott and his very special guest, comedian Jeff D'Silva, as they discuss Jeff's amazing story of getting to work at one of television's funniest late night shows. The year was 2010: At the same time Conan O'Brien was realizing his dream of hosting the Tonight Show, Jeff saw his dream of interning for Conan being realized as well, but both of those dreams quickly came crashing down with the news that Jay Leno was returning as host The Tonight Show. Listen as Jeff recounts his surreal experience of having one of the biggest shakeups in television history shape the future of, not only one of his comedic idols, but himself as well. Of course, the story doesn't end there! Jeff also talks about getting another chance, this time interning at the TBS show "Conan", and his amazing experience working closely with some of late night's funniest and most creative minds. There's also some talk about the disastrous Jay Leno Show and Jeff shares the story of his celebrity-filled brush with death (ok, maybe minor injury). Enjoy the show! 

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Join Lily, Scott, and Shawn as they take a look back at a cult classic from 1991. A time when a young SNL writer named Conan O'Brien joined forces with Robert Smigel to write a pilot starring Adam West as a clueless former TV detective named Lookwell. Listen as they discuss the brilliance of Adam West, draw parallels to Batman from the 1960's, speculate what a full season would be like, and even try out a Lookwell line reading of their own. Sit down, grab a Firm Pop and enjoy!

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