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A Very Special 100th Episode

Join Scott, Kevin, and Hamish for a very special 100th episode of Hitting Play where they take a look at some very special TV episodes that have aired over the decades. Listen as they discuss some TV episodes they've picked that stood out from the others in their respective series, for better or for worse...but, yeah, mostly worse. From thumb-stealing walnut aliens and dueling Jim Carey characters to sinking radio stations and an evil telekinetic brain in a jar, and so much more! Did time traveling pirate Urkel make the list? C'mon, of course time traveling pirate Urkel made the list! So sit back, listen to some of the most ridiculous and outlandish episodes TV has to offer, and celebrate 100 episodes along with us! 
A big thank you to all of the great listeners, guests, and guest hosts of Hitting Play! We couldn't have made it to 100 episodes without you! 
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Gigantor: Struggle at the South Pole

Join Lily, Shawn, Scott, and a special guest, Shawn's brother Dan, as they breakdown the first episode of the 1960's Japanese animated export: Gigantor! Listen as they discuss its origins in manga, Dan's childhood fondness of it, its transformation from a popular anime to a confusing "westernized" cartoon, and its multitudinous array of hilarious flaws. Can Gigantor think for himself? Why is only Jimmy allowed to wield such great power? Does hot water freeze faster? They'll take on all of these questions, and many more. Gigantor! Gigantor! Gigaaa-aaa-aaan-torrr!

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