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Wonder Woman (Trailer) and Justice League (Trailer)

Join Shawn and Scott as they breakdown and review the new trailers for the fourth and fifth installments of the DC Extended Universe: "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League"! Listen as they review these highly anticipated trailers that premiered at San Diego Comic Con and discuss every little detail! From the "Wonder Woman" trailer, they'll discuss Gal Gadot's portrayal of the immortal demigoddess Diana, and her first adventure away from the land of Themyscira in the early 20th century. They'll talk about the look of this version of the Wonder Woman costume, as well as Chris Pine's character, Steve Trevor, and his importance to the Wonder Woman franchise. From "Justice League", they'll discuss the attempts by Bruce Wayne to recruit Jason Momoa's intimidating Aquaman and Ezra Miller's introverted Flash to aid him in preparing for an extraterrestrial threat. They'll also talk about the Apokoliptian villain Steppenwolf and the Motherboxes he'll be seeking on Earth. Plus, some rumors, a little bit of Arrowverse talk, and Shawn has some strong opinions of the "Star Trek: Discovery" teaser. So much to cover, so many heroes, may the Source be with you!

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Star Trek: Amok Time

Join Lily, Scott, and Shawn as they remember the great Leonard Nimoy and discuss the iconic first episode of Star Trek's second season: Amok Time! Listen as they take you through the story of a lonely Vulcan and his mating urges. They'll explain why Spock is pretty much a giant salmon, how Vulcan courtship is merely reciting Michael Bolton lyrics, and why this whole episode is very awkward. Forget Pon Farr, live long and podcast! 

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