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Nathan For You: Electronics Store

Join Lily (making her triumphant return to the show for Winter Break) and Scott as they review one of the funniest shows on television today, the show about one business school grad's attempt to help struggling small business owners: the hilarious "Nathan For You"! Listen as they breakdown every detail of "Electronics Store", (the season three premiere) featuring host Nathan Fielder's attempt to use one chain electronics store's own price matching policy against them and buy a van full of one dollar TVs for Alan, the manager of a small struggling television store. Tiny doors, Craigslist, live alligators, psychologists, reality dating shows, tuxedos, and love, this episode has it all! They'll talk about Nathan's other great ideas that have taken the world by storm, such as the viral video "Hero Pig Saves Goat", the rogue coffee shop "Dumb Starbucks" and the weight loss plan called "The Movement". And Lily also shares some of her experiences working in the world of electronics retail. So put on your finest formal attire, and enjoy the show! (No alligator dodging required!) 

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Atari: Game Over

Join Lily, Shawn, and Scott as they review Atari: Game Over, the first documentary in Xbox Live's Signal to Noise series. Listen as they discuss the rise and fall of Atari Inc., the colossal commercial failure of E.T. The Game, the urban legend of the burial of millions of unsold E.T. The Game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill, and the years of undeserved blame placed on game designer Howard Scott Warshaw. From the Atari 2600 to Game Genie to Raspberry Pis to why having Steven Spielberg attached to your project may not necessarily be a good thing, they talk about it all!(Also Scott surprises the crew with a gift to commemorate the episode.) Hopefully this is one to phone home about! 
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