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Street Fighter II

Join Scott and Hamish as they take a look back at a classic video game that launched an entire genre: "Street Fighter II"! Listen as they discuss the history of this game, from starting out as an arcade cabinet sequel, to becoming one of Capcom's best selling titles ever, and later spawning feature films, an animated series, and a toy line. They'll breakdown and review each character, each stage, each bonus round, and each unique character ending. Why have these characters joined this tournament? How old would these characters be now? What does the "M" in M. Bison stand for? They'll answer all of these questions and much much more! From the uselessness of Ken and the terrible parenting of Guile to the strange grieving of Chun Li and M. Bison's lack of organizational skills, they'll discuss it all! So rip off your denim vest,keep eating your nabe, and fly around the world with us! Hadouken! 


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Nick Arcade: Salute Your Shorts Celebrity Special

Join Scott, Shawn, and special guest, Shawn's son Jonah, as they continue their look at the early days of Nickelodeon and break down an episode of the early 90's video game-themed game show "Nick Arcade"! But they didn't choose just any episode. For this episode of Hitting Play, they watched Nick Arcade's Salute Your Shorts celebrity special! Listen as they discuss, not only Nickelodeon Arcade, but the classic Nick show Salute Your Shorts, as well! They'll talk about the history of Nick Arcade, host Phil Moore, the pointless game board rounds featuring "Mikey", the terrible Amiga video games created just for the show, the fully immersive "Video Zone", and much, much more! They'll also discuss the episode's four competitors: Michael Bower, Danny Cooksey, Megan Berwick, and Heidi Lucas, from their characters of Donkey Lips, Budnik, ZZ, and Dina, to what they're up to now! Horrible game play, goals never reached, dumb jokes, incorrect answers, and a hilariously lousy blue screen final round! This has it all! Plus, Ug shows up for no reason! So move with us, one square at a time through this 16-bit adventure! (Watch out for Smartbeard the Pirate!) 

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Atari: Game Over

Join Lily, Shawn, and Scott as they review Atari: Game Over, the first documentary in Xbox Live's Signal to Noise series. Listen as they discuss the rise and fall of Atari Inc., the colossal commercial failure of E.T. The Game, the urban legend of the burial of millions of unsold E.T. The Game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill, and the years of undeserved blame placed on game designer Howard Scott Warshaw. From the Atari 2600 to Game Genie to Raspberry Pis to why having Steven Spielberg attached to your project may not necessarily be a good thing, they talk about it all!(Also Scott surprises the crew with a gift to commemorate the episode.) Hopefully this is one to phone home about! 
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