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The Star Wars Holiday Special

Join Lily, Scott, and resident Star Wars expert Paul as they break down and discuss what's been described as "the worst two hours of television ever.", the broadcast event so bad, its creators tried to prevent it from ever being see again: The Star Wars Holiday Special! Why was there only Wookie dialogue for many segments? What's with Mark Hamill's makeup? It Itchy's virtual reality helmet what we think it is? Why is Chewbacca such a terrible father? What's happening at the end? Bea Arthur? All of these questions are answered and many, many more. Also, Shawn calls in from his sick bed to share his thoughts as well. This was quite the experience. Join us, friend. Happy Life Day!

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Atari: Game Over

Join Lily, Shawn, and Scott as they review Atari: Game Over, the first documentary in Xbox Live's Signal to Noise series. Listen as they discuss the rise and fall of Atari Inc., the colossal commercial failure of E.T. The Game, the urban legend of the burial of millions of unsold E.T. The Game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill, and the years of undeserved blame placed on game designer Howard Scott Warshaw. From the Atari 2600 to Game Genie to Raspberry Pis to why having Steven Spielberg attached to your project may not necessarily be a good thing, they talk about it all!(Also Scott surprises the crew with a gift to commemorate the episode.) Hopefully this is one to phone home about! 
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