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Playing the organ at Fenway Park (w/ Josh Kantor)

Join Scott, Kevin, and Sarah as they welcome a very special guest to the show, Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor! Josh is a super talented musician who happens to have a unique regular gig, entertaining nearly 39,000 people, 81 times a year! Listen as Josh recounts how he got his prestigious job with the Boston Red Sox, how he prepares on game day, and the various themes to his clever song selections that some fans might miss. He'll also talk about his musical hero and mentor, the legendary Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust, what her guidance and influence over the years has meant to him, and the amazing adventure of winning her original ballpark organ in a charity auction and the subsequent "organ transplant" bringing it back home. If that wasn't enough, he'll also talk about his other musical ventures, such as playing with former members of R.E.M. as well as his love for "The Best Show with Tom Scharpling", including how he impressed fans and Tom alike by playing the show's theme during Boston's championship clinching game 6 of the 2013 World Series. So get ready for some fun with one of the most beloved people at America's most beloved ball park! 
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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and More (w/ Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore)

Join Scott and his very special guests, Kristen Bartlett and Jason Gore, as they discuss some recent big moments in their lives and careers. Listen as they talk about working with the great Tom Scharpling on "The Best Show" and its podcast "The Half Hour of Power" as well as being extras in The Best Show's Adult Swim special "The Newbridge Tourism Board Presents: We're Newbridge, We're Comin' To Get Ya!". Kristen also talks about her recent appearance in Natasha Rothwell's episode of the Netflix series "The Characters", and takes us through the exciting and strange experience of winning $20,000 on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" There's also a bunch more talk about The Best Show, Cape Cod, and Supermarket Sweep! So sit back, lock it in, and let it be your final answer! 

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Rock, Rot & Rule (w/ Calls from Tom Scharpling and the FOTs)

Join Lily, Shawn, and Scott for this special episode as they pay tribute to The Best Show and discuss a greatly underappreciated piece of comedy, the Scharpling & Wurster classic: Rock, Rot & Rule! Learn the history of The Best Show and the one phone call that started it all. Joining in the discussion and calling in with some favorite Rock, Rot & Rule and Best Show moments of their own, are fans, favorite callers, and even Tom Scharpling himself! (Oh, and Jon Wurster contributes one word too.)
A big thank you to everybody that called in and contributed to this episode:
Andrew, Dan, Daniel, McDavis, Nathan, Elizabeth, Sasha, Steve, Dave, Andy, Nick, Linnea, Bonnaventure, Wally Wackiman, Evan, and last but not least Mr. Tom Scharpling! You guys rule!
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