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The Simpsons: The Town and Super Bowl LI (w/ Matt Selman)

February 11, 2017
Join Scott, Kevin, and Hamish as they welcome a very special guest, Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman, for a revisiting of the hilarious Boston-themed episode "The Town"! Listen as Matt shares some inside details about the episode, including its original story, involving conspiracies and red coats, a one-time only Easter egg for a re-airing of the episode, and how it became a wonderful love letter to Boston, how an episode is made, as well as the New England Patriots' recent improbable championship win, and how The Simpsons eerily predicted the victory and parade back in October! They'll also discuss Tom Brady's uncharacteristic local commercial, their individual experiences watching the big game last Sunday, and various Boston area eateries. If that wasn't enough, Matt addresses questions about a possible Simpsons movie sequel, a (hopefully far off) series finale, and also talks about a possible episode for next season, and much, much more! This one is a ton of fun, especially if you share a love of The Simpsons and Boston sports. So grab a grinder and a bottle of Brockton's Best, and move from Springfield to Boston along with us!
If you're listening as this episode is released, make sure to set your DVRs or watch The Simpsons on FOX this Sunday, February 12th at 7:30pm, and lookout for a one-time special Easter egg reference to the New England Patriots' championship win!
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