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Am I Right?? (w/ Jesse Pruden and Evan Wilson)

October 19, 2016
Join Scott and his very special guests, hosts of the hilarious Canadian Comedy Award nominated radio show "Am I Right??", Jesse Pruden and Evan Wilson! Evan and Jesse are usually in Calgary, but for this conversation, they are strewn about Canada with Jesse angrily sitting on a park bench in Vancouver while Evan enjoys a coffee at the airport in Edmonton. Listen as they discuss some memorable moments from the long run of their radio show. From hilarious returning guests like Andy Kindler and Tom Scharpling, to teaching Norm MacDonald about Twitter, and other times the interviews did go as planned. They'll also ramble on about Pop-Up Video, Del Amitri, and so much more! This episode was a blast! So grab your headphones, and get ready for this continent spanning conversation! 

Listen to the return of "Am I Right??" here: http://cjsw.com/program/the-throwback-am-i-right/ 

Or check out their archives on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/RxbRt.c 

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