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Arrested Development: Pier Pressure

November 24, 2015
Join Scott and fellow Arrested Development fan Steve, as they breakdown the hilarious tenth episode of Arrested Development's Emmy award winning first season: "Pier Pressure"! Listen as they discuss this cautionary tale of young George Michael Bluth's struggle between putting family first and doing the right thing. They'll talk about the amazing attention to detail found within the show, the brilliant acting of one of the funniest ensemble casts in television history, and why this series rewards repeated viewings. Also, Steve talks about how some of the real life experiences of the show's creators have influenced various aspects of the show, how Jeffrey Tambor was a late addition to this amazing cast, and how the character of Lucille Austero finally made him appreciate Liza Minnelli. So grab a frozen banana, pour yourself a glass of milk (leave a note if you run out), and enjoy the show! 

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