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Avengers: United They Stand: Command Decision

December 6, 2019

Join Scott and Hamish as they continue their look at the Marvel animated series of the 90s and watch an episode of what some call the worst Marvel cartoon ever made: “Avengers: United They Stand”. Imagine if The Avengers we’re saving the world in the future, and had to wear hideous transforming robot suits of armor. Oh, and also Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor aren’t even on the team. Who would lead the team, then? Why, none other than Ant-Man! The fun-loving Scott Lang Ant-Man? No, the perpetually angry and insecure Hank Pym Ant-Man! And it just keeps getting better from there! Listen as they breakdown the episode “Command Decision”, a very special story where Captain America randomly shows up to help the Avengers fight Baron Zemo and his “Masters of Evil”. They’ll discuss the making of this series, how closely connected it is to the rest of the Marvel animated series of the 1990s, and why it pales in comparison to the shows that came before it. They’ll also detail the origins of the characters in the comics, and talk about why this show was little more than a half-hour commercial for a new line of action figures. So put on your futuristic armor, and grab a hot cup of coffee, because you’re gonna need it! Hey! Where’s that coffee?! 


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