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Back To The Future Part II (The 2015 Hill Valley Scenes)

October 20, 2015
Join Shawn, Scott, and Hamish (joining the show from "the future" AKA Australia) as they take a very special trip back to the present and discuss every little detail of the 2015 Hill Valley scene from the iconic 1989 film "Back To The Future Part II" to see just how close it was in predicting the world we now live in. And when we say every little detail, we mean EVERY LITTLE DETAIL! They'll discuss how the movie's predictions of products, movies, advertisements, cars, fashion, sports, and news stories hold up and other little details you may have missed. Listen as they review, among many other things, every news item from Doc's copy of the USA Today, the items in the antique store window, the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 World Series, and of course the Hoverboard. Some predictions were dead-on, while others may require another 30-year DeLorean trip to actually see. So, c'mon all you bojos, ride your hoverboards into town, meet us in front of the Cafe 80's and explore with us the Wednesday, October 21, 2015 we've always dreamed about! 

This is only part one! For part two, we will discuss the 2015 McFly House scenes! Look for it...in the future! 

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