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Batman (1966): Smack in the Middle

December 7, 2016
Join Shawn and Scott as they breakdown and review "Smack in the Middle", the second episode of the iconic 1966 series "Batman"! Listen as they detail this story, which continues from the Batman pilot (covered in last week's episode of the podcast) in which the dastardly Riddler hatches a plot to separate the Dynamic Duo, kidnap Robin, and steal a small country's priceless treasure. They'll talk about Burt Ward's difficult performance, attempting to portray Jill St. John's character, Molly, disguised as his character, Robin. They'll also talk about the only on-screen death to ever occur on the show, why Batman and Robin needlessly caused millions of dollars worth of damage, and the stupidity of Batman falling love with a girl he only talked to for three minutes...oh, and also tried to kill him! From Batmobile chases and "La-zar" beams to well labeled instrumentation and jewel-encrusted woolly mammoths stuffed with postage stamps, not to mention the brilliance of Adam West and Frank Gorshin, this episode has it all! Plus, they rank the cinematic Batmen! So spray some "Can A" in your face, turn off the detect-a-scope, and conclude this campy bat-venture along with us! Na-na na-na na-na na-na na Batman! 
And don't miss our breakdown of the first part of this story, "Hi Diddle Riddle" in last week's episode! (It'll help this episode make a little more sense!) 
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