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COWTOWN (w/ Evan Wilson)

September 14, 2015
Join Scott and his very special guest, writer/actor/cool dude Evan Wilson, as they talk at length about the new sketch comedy show making its worldwide debut this week (on which Evan wrote and acted) the hilarious show described as Portlandia-meets-Calgary: "COWTOWN"! Listen as they also discuss such topics as: their mutual admiration of "The Best Show with Tom Scharpling", the comedic greatness of Andy Kindler, Norm MacDonald's new gig as Colonel Sanders, Scott's strange year-long script comedy bit, and the Canadian Comedy Award nominated radio program that Evan hosted along with funnyman Jesse Pruden called "Am I Right??" (Oh, and don't miss the proper usage of the word "fortuitous".) Cowtown is a show you don't want to miss! Gwanwicha! 

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