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Galactica 1980: Galactica Discovers Earth

May 24, 2016
Join Scott and Steve as they discuss the premiere episode of the short-lived reboot of the Battlestar Galactica franchise: "Galactica 1980"! Listen as they delve deep into the sordid details of this disastrous production, from over-inflated budgets and a writing staff rooting for the show's cancellation to dislike of child actors and a screenwriter who stayed thousands of miles away from the set. They'll also talk about the terrible three-episode story arc involving time warps, World War II, and a very distasteful flying motorcycle scene. Can you believe this thing was nominated for a primetime Emmy?! It was...for outstanding costume design! (That's right, the brown leather jackets were the true talent here.) So turn your vipers invisible, secure your language-tron translators, and laugh at this terrible show with us! 

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