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Inhumans: Behold… The Inhumans

January 6, 2018

Join Scott, Kevin and Sarah as they breakdown and review the first episode of the latest television entry in Marvel’s ever-expanding Cinematic Universe: Inhumans. Listen as they talk about the story behind this miniseries, from a scrapped future movie, to an edited IMAX release, to finally, a poorly reviewed series. They’ll also talk about the history of these characters, dating back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creations from the 1960’s and a fictional city that’s even older! What made this series get such bad reviews? Why did Marvel fans loathe this live action adaptation of classic comic book characters? Well, laugh along with us and find out. Just don’t ask “Whhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”


This is part one of our review of the Inhumans’ two-episode premiere. Look for part two very soon!


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