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Inhumans: Those Who Would Destroy Us

March 30, 2018

Join Scott, Kevin and Sarah as they force themselves yet again to take a look at the second episode of Marvel’s newly canceled TV entry in their Cinematic Universe: Inhumans. Listen as they continue the story of Inhuman king Black Bolt and his family escaping to Earth to avoid the takeover of the lunar city of Attilan by his power-hungry brother Maximus. They’ll discuss the many problems with this series, from unlikable characters and a weak script to drab sets and unintentionally hilarious moments. Waiting around on the beach, using a Fitbit, comedically trying on suits, teleporting like Super Mario Brothers 2...this episode has it all! So relax on your concrete throne, set your phone on Black Bolt, and laugh along with us!

This is part two of our review of the Inhumans’ two-episode premiere. Look for part one in our archives!


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