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Iron Man (1994): Iron Man, On the Inside

April 2, 2019

Join Scott and Hamish as they take a special two-part look at Marvel’s mid-90s Saturday morning cartoon block: The Marvel Action Universe! More specifically, the Marvel Action Universe block that aired on the morning of November 4, 1995.

In this episode (part one), they review and breakdown “Iron Man, On the Inside”, an episode of Iron Man: The Animated Series in which Tony Stark shrinks down to microscopic size to perform surgery on Hawkeye’s spine. Listen as they discuss the history of the character of Iron Man from the comics and the members of his short lived Avengers offshoot team, Force Works. They’ll talk about the show’s initial poor reception and what big changes were made for season two, and for the entire block as well. Getting into the episode, they’ll talk about how this episode pretty much copied elements from the films Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace, why the villain’s plan to use the giant android Ultimo was really stupid, why Tony Stark isn’t a good friend and much, much more! So slip into something less comfortable, grab a bowl of peppered popcorn and shake your head along with us! “I...AM...!”


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