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Mister T: Mystery of the Golden Medallions

August 3, 2017

Join Scott and Kevin as they take a look back an an obscure Hanna-Barbera cartoon centered around a larger-than-life character who was a real-life pop culture powerhouse: "Mister T"! Listen as they breakdown the glorious episode "Mystery of the Golden Medallions", in which gymnastics coach Mr. T leads his team around the unrealistically steep streets of San Francisco and attempt to solve a convoluted mystery involving gold chains (not his, amazingly), a missing little brother, and stolen video game programming-all while struggling to welcome a new gymnast to the team: Woody Daniels, played by Phil Lamarr in his first credited role! They'll also discuss some of the strange supporting characters such as the annoying Spike, the disturbing Dozer, Jeff the idiot, and many more! From inaccurate math and physics that is totally bananas, to a head scratching plot and hilarious animation mistakes, this has it all! So engage your emergency brake, hide your gold jewelry, and shake your head back and forth in bewilderment along with us! Pity us fools!

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