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MST3K: The Return (w/ Lead puppeteer Grant Baciocco)

April 26, 2017

Join Scott, Hamish, Kevin, and Matt as they welcome a very special guest to the show, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" lead puppeteer Grant Baciocco! Listen as they discuss the long awaited return of MST3K, thanks to a very successful crowdfunding campaign and years of loyal fan devotion. Grant will share his personal experiences leading up to his work with Crow T. Robot, such as being a puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company, working for Cinematic Titanic, and even getting to open for Weird Al Yankovic! He'll talk about being a diehard MST3K fan who now gets to operate Crow (as well as voice and operate new bot Waverly!), what's involved for the team of puppeteers working on the new MST3K, and what it's like working with creator Joel Hodgson and the talented cast. The group will also discuss the new MST3K episodes, including their early favorites, lines they loved, various visual gags (flying Tom Servo? Yes!), and so much more! So repeat to yourself "It's just a podcast, I should really just relax" and tour the dark side of the moon with us! 


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And don't forget to watch "MST3K: The Return" now available on Netflix! 


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