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One Crazy Summer (w/ Graig Murphy)

March 22, 2016
Join Scott and his very special guest, standup comedian and WEEI Whiner Line Hall of Famer Graig Murphy, as they discuss one of the greatest (and underrated) comedic films of the 1980s: One Crazy Summer! They'll start by recounting their past experiences as award winning callers to The Big Show's Whiner Line, once one of the most popular sports radio segments in Boston, and their very different reactions to trying to tell jokes to a large, local celebrity filled crowd. From there, they discuss the other major thing they have in common: growing up constantly watching One Crazy Summer. Listen as they discuss the masterful writing and direction of Savage Steve Holland, the great animated rhino sequences, the many Cape Cod locations at which it was filmed, the hilariously absurd sight gags, subtle jokes you may missed, and why the rules of the Nantucket Regatta are apparently rarely enforced. From the great casting of John Cusack, Demi Moore, Bobcat Goldthwait, Joel Murray, Curtis Armstrong, and Joe Flaherty, to the possibility of the sequel "One Epic Fall", they cover it all! So sit back, grab a garbage bag sized popcorn, and listen for the jingle. 

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