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Parks and Recreation: Hunting Trip

February 8, 2017
Join Scott and Matt as they breakdown and review "Hunting Trip", a hilarious episode of one of the funniest sitcoms of the last decade: "Parks and Recreation"! Listen as they discuss the history of this show, from its original conception as a spinoff from The Office, to lasting seven seasons on NBC as a staple of its Thursday night comedy block. They'll talk about the long history of the Pawnee City Hall building (really located in Pasadena, California) and how its ridiculous size and cost was actually explained in a companion book for the series. They'll also talk about the amazing cast, the great improvised moments, the real Ron Swanson, how the character of Andy Dwyer changed, and much, much more! Oh, and also a couple of side discussions about turkeys and Funko Pop figures! So grab yourself some turkey (or tofu equivalent), put on your fluorescent hat and survey the Indiana wilderness along with us! Boola! Boola! Boola! 
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