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Pokémon: I Choose You!

July 27, 2016
Join Lily, Scott, and special guest Hamish, as they embark on an exciting quest in a world of collectible little creatures and watch the very first episode of the hit anime series "Pokémon"! Listen as they breakdown this episode, detailing the story of 10-year-old Ash Ketchum and his quest to become the world's greatest Pokémon master. They'll discuss the history of Pokémon as a franchise, from its concept as a game inspired by insect collecting, and its many Nintendo iterations, to its incredibly long running TV series and current worldwide mobile gaming phenomenon "Pokémon Go"! They'll also talk about the dangerousness of allowing kids to have Pokémon licenses years before drivers' licenses, Ash's somewhat sociopathic tendencies, some differences in the Japanese version, banned episodes and scenes, and many observances of life in a world full off fantastical pocket monsters and the people that must wander alone, trying to train them. So sit back with some snacks and hot chocolate and thank you for saying "Hitting Play, I choose you!" 

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