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Quark: May The Source Be With You

June 29, 2016
Join Lily, Shawn, Scott, and special guest, Steve, as they subject themselves to a painful viewing of the short lived 70's sci-fi sitcom about a heroic space garbage man and his eccentric crew and their adventures in the 23rd century: "Quark"! Listen as they breakdown the first regular episode entitled "May The Source Be With You", a terribly written parody of Star Wars. They'll discuss the interesting cast, from the director of The Money Pit, Richard Benjamin, and the dad from Mork & Mindy, Conrad Janis, to the former Doublemint Twins, Cyb and Patricia Barnstable, and the, um, cerebral Allan Caillou. They'll talk lots about what made this show cheesy, offensive, and boring, and why Andy the Android is probably the crappiest robot in all of science fiction. Are the evil "Gorgons" simply people in purple clothes being led around in a giant head by Chevy Chase in a Darth Vader helmet? Why power a spaceship with a glowing egg in a lava room with a monster splashing around in a kiddie pool? Can a plant look like a man? Do gamma rays tickle? They tackle all of these questions and, sadly, many more! May the Source be with you! 

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