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Sealab 2021: I, Robot

March 1, 2016
Join Scott as he takes a trip under the sea and reviews "I, Robot", a hilarious episode of the Adult Swim cartoon hit Sealab 2021! Listen as he details some of the craziest, and nonsensical conversations ever to take place on television. (There's a lot of talk about robot bodies!) He'll talk about the show's creators, Adam Reid and Matt Thompson, and how their discovery of an old tape in 1995 led them to the creation of this show, then Frisky Dingo, then Archer. Also mentioned is the great artist Alex Toth, who not only did art and design for the original series that this was based on, Sealab 2020, but also Space Ghost, Birdman, and many old Hanna Barbara cartoons that were given new life on Adult Swim. Scott also talks about Alex Toth's work on one key issue of X-Men, and how if it wasn't for the intervention of another comics legend, a certain classic character would've ended up looking like a weird Space Ghost villain. And much more! So put on your scuba gear, turn off your chainsaw hands, and enjoy the show! (Not you, Pod 6, you jerks!) 

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