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Sledge Hammer!: Under the Gun

November 16, 2016
Join Scott and Shawn as they take a look back at the pilot episode of a hilarious 1980's series that spoofed "Dirty Harry", with all of the comedic timing and wit of "Get Smart": "Sledge Hammer!" Listen as they discuss the fascinating career of the show's creator, Alan Spencer, who began his show business life sneaking on to the set of "Young Frankenstein" and being befriended by Marty Feldman! They'll breakdown the many visual gags, the wonderfully insane title character played by David Rasche, the parallels to the San Francisco of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry, changes from the original script, and much, much more! From famous guest stars and exaggerated action to a Marvel comic book tie-in and a feature film (that was totally changed) this influential cult classic had it all! So sit back with an inanimate object that you talk to, enjoy a cocktail weenie or two, and visit the insane, destructive world of "Sledge Hammer!" along with us! Trust us. We know what we're doing. 
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