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Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Banjo

September 28, 2016
Join Scott and Shawn as they breakdown and review a classic episode of a subversive animated talk show, hosted by a superhero and featuring his two imprisoned adversaries: "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast"! Listen as they discuss "Banjo", the highly rated episode featuring Space Ghost's monstrous pet sea monkey as well as celebrity guests Schooly D and Weird Al Yankovic! They'll talk about the history of the characters of Space Ghost, from the  1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Space Ghost and Dino-Boy", to Adult Swim spin offs like "The Brak Show", and even DC Comics like "Future Quest"! They'll also discuss the great voice work of the late C. Martin Croker, who voiced the hilarious villains Zorak and Moltar and the great musical work of the late Sonny Sharrock. Plus, Shawn will also talk about the amazing experience of seeing Weird Al Yankovic live! So don't forget your super-special vitamin, feed your sea monkeys, and get ready to receive a transmission from the Ghost Planet! 

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