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The MAD Magazine TV Special

October 12, 2016
Join Scott for a look back at a failed pilot made by one of comedy's most enduring properties: MAD Magazine! Listen as he details the interesting history of MAD Magazine, starting out as a comic book in the 1950's, then making the switch to the magazine format to avoid conforming to the Comics Code after publisher William Gaines' testimony before congress. He'll talk about ABC's commissioning this pilot in 1974 and why it ultimately never aired. He'll also breakdown the many segments in this special, from shorts by Don Martin and Antonio Prohias' Spy vs. Spy, to longer features like Mort Drucker's Godfather parody "The Odd Father" and others from "the usual gang of idiots". And if that wasn't enough, you'll also get the history of MAD's other forays into television, and the mysterious origins of MAD Magazine icon Alfred E. Neuman. So get ready to say "What, me worry?", as you listen to this page turning episode of the podcast. (And don't forget the fold-in at the end!) 

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