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The Simpsons (Shorts): Good Night

July 6, 2016
Join Lily and Scott as they take a look back to a pivotal point in the history of television. A time when a successful producer returned to television and helped a talented British actress with her sketch comedy show by approaching a comic strip artist with the idea of creating some animated shorts. Those cartoons increased in popularity to the point hat they were spun-off into their own show, where they've been a household name for almost three decades: The Simpsons! Listen as they breakdown the very first Simpsons short ever to air on The Tracey Ullman Show entitled "Good Night"! They'll discuss the early history of The Simpsons, from Matt Groening's attempt to retain publishing rights to his other characters, and Dan Castellaneta's Walter Matthau-like voice for Homer, to the strange look of the characters and the reason the shorts were never given an official release. So take a trip back to April 19, 1987 and see where it all started! And don't let the bed bugs bite! 

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