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The Simpsons: The Town

October 26, 2016
Join Scott and his special guests, Kevin and Hamish, as they breakdown and explain every little detail and reference from the Boston-themed episode of The Simpsons entitled "The Town"! Listen as Kevin and Scott give Hamish a full education in all things Massachusetts, from the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony all the way to Dunkin Donuts and Cumberland Farms! Hamish is still a little bitter from the treatment his native Australia received on The Simpsons years ago in the episode "Bart Vs. Australia", but he warmly embraces this hilarious take on New England life and culture! They'll talk all about the unique Jordan's Furniture stores, the New England Patriots and their various scandals, Paul Revere, traffic, Make Way For Ducklings, candlepin bowling, Quincy Market, Newbury Comics, and so much more! They'll explain every sign, every poster, every Boston joke, and every face in the crowd. So grab an iced coffee from Dunkies, turn off your old VHS recording of The Movie Loft, and get ready for one of the most detailed, comprehensive, and wicked awesome episodes of Hitting Play EVAH! 

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