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The Tick (2016)

August 31, 2016
Join Scott and his special guests Kevin and Matt as they take a look at Amazon's new pilot about a mysterious superhero and his young neurotic sidekick uncovering the mystery surrounding their lawless city: "The Tick"! Listen as they discuss the history of the character of the The Tick, from 18-year-old Ben Edlund's creation for New England Comics' newsletters, to a much-loved 1994 animated series, and a short-lived live action reboot in 2001. They'll talk about Peter Serafinowicz's amazing talent for voices, the specific look of The Tick and Arthur's costumes, and how Wally Pfister's direction brings an interesting grounded reality to The Tick's off-the-wall comic book universe. They'll also point out nods to the animated series, share details you may have missed, and also Ben Edlund answers some tweets about the characters! So drink a cup of melted ice cream, watch out for falling ships, and let destiny make listening to this episode your "new plan"! Spoon! 

You can vote for The Tick to be made into a series at http://www.amazon.com/pilotseason/ 

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