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UHF (1989)

January 18, 2017

Join Shawn and Scott as they continue their look at the work of Weird Al Yankovic and delve deep into his hilarious 1989 cult classic film, "UHF"! Listen as they breakdown this great film, including its many segments and commercials, such as "Spatula City", "Conan The Librarian", "Raul's Wild Kingdom", "Wheel of Fish", Weird Al's music video for his Dire Straits parody "Beverly Hillbillies"., and so much more! They'll discuss other famous actors and comedians that were considered for roles in the movie, cameos you may have missed, and tons of behind the scenes details. What movies are referenced in the film, how did the critics feel about UHF, and, more importantly, what really happened to Raul's poodles? They'll talk all about it and much, much more! So make yourself a Twinkie wiener sandwich, keep it tuned to U62, and watch along with us!

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